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Mmmmohinga! | Ruth Tshin


The Friday Yunnanese (or Ciin Haw) market is one of my favourite places to go, stuff eat and people-watch in Chiang Mai.  It’s a perfect representation of northern Thailand’s diversity in both culture and food: Chinese Muslim, ailment Shan and various tribes from the highlands.  Mohinga is Burma’s national dish (bean+fish+banana stem soup over rice noodles) and is dished up fresh every week at the market.  I’ve had three types now (can you see me licking my lips?): from the market; a pork version made by Ajan Tui’s mother who is from Mae Sariang; and, page another Karen-Burmese rendition by way of the Yangoon/delta region. All were scrumptious!

Read about mohinga  memories here and a post from the terrific foodblog EatingAsia!

Mohinga (Burmese bean+fish soup over noodles) at the Friday Yunnanese market in Chiang Mai from Ruth Tshin on Vimeo.

Mohinga by way of Mae Sariang – pork used instead of fish

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