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“New” media

I made this presentation a while ago about my co-workers and the work up at the seedbank. Enjoy!

PS. It’s better viewed full screen on the Scribd site (click on link below).

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For all you plant nerds out there…

I’ve been going through reams of books and countless databases as part of my research for our seed catalogue that we hope to open on-line in April (gulp!).  I came across this simple but comprehensive video on the rice bean (Vigna umbellata) and why it benefits the poor, about it subsistence farmers who grow in the the mountains of Nepal.

It’s a neglected, thumb under-used crop that has so many advantages in making soil better, visit web feeding animals, and as a good food source…we LOVE these characteristics at the seedbank!  Rice bean is part of our seedbank inventory and we source it from local farmers in Chiang Dao district. Take 10 minutes and watch it!  Reminds me so much of the folks we work with here in northern Thailand.


This is an archive of various newsletters, sale presentations and videos from 2008-2013.

[Mailchimp]  Spring Summer 2011 Newsletter Update

[PDF] Summer Fall 2010 Newsletter Update

[PowerPoint presentation] no rx Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 14px; line-height: normal; display: inline !important; margin: 12px auto 6px auto;” title=”View Seeds and such in northern Thailand on Scribd” href=””>Seeds and such in northern Thailand


Prachaya and Nuna’s Wedding in the village from Ruth Tshin on Vimeo.

Tribal and Northern Thai Music and Dance from Ruth Tshin on Vimeo.

Chiang Mai under water from Ruth Tshin on Vimeo.

Protein! Wasp larvae at Sansai Market in Tachilek, Burma from Ruth Tshin on Vimeo.

“Dude, where’s the beach?” from Ruth Tshin on Vimeo.

Khao soy noi in Tachilek, Burma from Ruth Tshin on Vimeo.

Mohinga (Burmese bean+fish soup over noodles) at the Friday Yunnanese market in Chiang Mai from Ruth Tshin on Vimeo.