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Khao soi noi in Tachilek | Ruth Tshin

Khao soi noi in Tachilek

Every 3 months, ophthalmologist I run across the Thai border at Mae Sai and spend a few hours in Tachilek, Burma.  I discovered this Shan dish when I noticed the owner of a DVD shop eating what looked liked fat rice noodles mixed with brown sauce and cilantro.  It’s my rule to explore a new dish each time I cross into Burma, so I gamely followed the little girl tasked with taking me to the noodle maker around the corner.  The khao soi noi lady was making two kinds: minced chicken+garlic wrapped in khao soi noi (the rice noodle made fresh at her stand) and a DIY version, in which sauces and seasonings are mixed into the noodle batter before being steamed.  No matter that I was already full from Shan-style tofu and noodles at Wat Doi Wow, Kim and I scarfed a plate of the chicken khao soi noi.  And then bought out the rest of it to bring back to the farm to share with our Karen-Burmese friends!

Read more about khao soi noi here on Austin Bush’s food blog.

Khao soy noi in Tachilek, Burma from Ruth Tshin on Vimeo.

The other version of Khao soy noi, with seasonings mixed into the batter

Seasonings for khao soi noi include garlic, peanuts, dried chilies and lemon juice

Wrapping minced chicken in khao soi noi

They remind me of ravioli!

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