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Tech saviour

The beach....jpg
The beach of Phi Phi Island (same beach as “The Beach”…say that fast 10 times out loud)

Tubkaak Resort.jpg
Tubkaak Resort in Krabi (the princess comes alive!!)

Sunset at Tubkaak Beach

Dan and I are bubbleheads at Siam Aquarium

Spider crab in yo face.jpg
Spider crab in yo’ face!

Ruth at UN Regional Centre BKK.jpg
At the UN Regional Centre in Bangkok

dan in hallowed UN halls.jpg
My brother is UN-employed…get it?

UN tourist shot.jpg
The UN tourist photo
My brother has christened himself my “tech saviour”. Hrrrm…(slightly annoyed at being so low-tech and having to rely on someone who is soon leaving for Africa). But I have to admit, prothesis
my blog looks so much better (and is easier to update) now that he moved it from another blogging software to this new one called WordPress.


I was playing around with different designs available on my blogging interface and somehow my blog ended up with…lots of white space. At least on my computer. Need my brother to help me figure this out!!!