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Celebrating with food | Ruth Tshin

Celebrating with food

There’s no excuse for the weight I’ve gained last year except that I’ve eaten my way through American Thanksgiving, cheapest several Christmas meals and a seafood New Year’s feast with my family.  I’ll have to say this though: food is amazing in Thailand, tight pants or not!

Ellen served up her famous Southern-style Thanksgiving dinner with the most a-a-a-mazing gravy ever.

Vinny super excited to dig in

First ever ECHO Asia Christmas dinner in Fang. Check out the pooch I'm starting to develop...

Celebrating Christmas with UHDP at a partner Palaung village

Christmas Palaung-style

Simple but ooooh soooo goooooood.

Aerial view of New Year's seafood lunch in Cha'am


Chowing down with Dan, Art and Art's family for New Year's


Meet and greet in Jan: My parents, Dan and Art meet the Burnettes for the first time at my favourite Yunnanese restaurant in Chiang Mai. Double chin fully established.

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